Health Care Services

    • Nursing & medical attendant services
    • Doctor consultation services  
    • Sample home collection for lab tests   
    • Physiotherapy
    • Hospitalisation services
    • Rental of medical equipments
    • 24 Hours emergency assistance

    Other Support Services

    • Plumber / electrician / carpenter services
    • Managing annual maintenance contracts
    • Repair of electrical appliances
    • Filing of Income Tax Returns
    • Car repair & servicing
    • Flight and hotel bookings
    • Banking and Legal paperwork

     9th to 19th January, 2021

    A New Year can bring new health challenges, but regular health check up can help you conquer them.


    senOcare brings you safe and sanitised FREE VITALS CHECK-UP for your seniors in the comfort of their residence.


    senOcare ASSIST

    Rs 1,199 per month

    Enjoy all our online services and avail of all our utilities through your personal CareManager, who’s always just one phonecall away

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    1. 1. Personal CareManager assistance
    2. 2. Home delivery of medicines
    3. 3. Sample home collection for lab tests
    4. 4. Monthly check-up of vitals by trained staff
    1. 5. Assistance with travel services
    2. 6. Assistance with home repairs and maintenance
    3. 7. Monthly update to be sent to next of kin / guardian
    4. 8. Assistance in booking all other senOcare services (on payable basis)

    senOcare COMFORT

    Rs 6,999 per month

    Make life smooth and hassle free with special services delivered to your doorstep through your personal CareManager, who will become an extension of your family

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    1. 1. Dedicated CareManager at your service
    2. 2.Delivery of groceries, twice a month
    3. 3. Monthly home visit by CareManager
    4. 4. Fortnightly home visit by Assistant CareManager
    5. 5. Fortnightly check-up of vitals by trained staff
    6. 6. Home delivery of medicines
    7. 7. Annual health check-up
    8. 8. Monthly online consultation with dietician
    9. 9. Monthly tele-consultation with General Physician
    10. 10. Home delivery of medicines
    1. 11. Sample home collection for lab tests
    2. 12. Maintenance of health records
    3. 13. Medical emergency assistance (ambulance & hospitalization support)
    4. 14. Monthly social engagement (post COVID-19)
    5. 15. Technology support & trouble shooting
    6. 16. Complimentary runner service once a month
    7. 17. Assistance with utility bill payments
    8. 18. Fortnightly update to be sent to next of kin / guardian
    9. 19. Assistance in booking all other senOcare services (on payable basis)

    senOcare INDULGE

    Rs 14,999 per month

    Delight in the thrill of exceptional quality services delivered to your doorstep with love and indulgence, along with countless special treats all year round

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    1. 1. Personal dedicated CareManager at your service
    2. 2. Regular home visits by CareManager and Assistant CareManager
    3. 3. Weekly Vital check-ups by trained staff
    4. 4. Home delivery of medicines
    5. 5. Organised pill box services
    6. 6. Tele-consultation with empanelled General Physician or specialist
    7. 7. Sample home collection for lab tests
    8. 8. Assisted visits to hospital
    9. 9. Medical emergency assistance (Ambulatory & Hospital Services)
    10. 10. Online maintenance of health records
    11. 11. Assisted visits to Banks
    12. 12. Police verification of maids and drivers
    13. 13. Technology support and tutorials on apps
    14. 14. Assistance with car repairs and maintenance
    1. 15. Assistance in Utility bill payments.
    2. 16. Monthly Social engagement (post COVID-19)
    3. 17. Annual deep cleaning of home
    4. 18. Complimentary runner service twice a month
    5. 19. Assisted local shopping trip with car and chauffeur
    6. 20. Annual personal tax return filing
    7. 21. Assistance in booking of all other senOcare service
    8. 22. Maintenance of health records
    9. 23. Annual health check-up
    10. 24. Medical emergency assistance (personal assistance by ACM, ambulance, and hospitalization support)
    11. 25. Monthly social engagement (post COVID-19)
    12. 26. Weekly update sent to next of kin / guardian
    13. 27. Assistance in booking all other senOcare services (on payable basis)
    One size doesn’t fit all. We understand that every senior has unique requirements, and despite the meticulous thought and effort that has gone into designing our packages, they may still not suit your parents’ needs. Hence, we also offer you the option of selecting the services that you require from across our packages, and we will then create a customized Care Package that will meet your specific requirements.

    • Health & Fitness
    • Home Security & Maintenance
    • Forms & Filings
    • Technology & Troubleshooting
    • Travel & Tours
    • Memories & Milestones
    The pandemic has altered our lives and impacted how best we can take care of our seniors. Seniors are far more vulnerable to infection than others, and doctors recommend that unless hospitalization is absolutely necessary, treating seniors for their ailments within the comfort of their home has proven to be very effective.

    By servicing the medical needs of your parents at their home in a comfortable and familiar environment, you can ensure their safety and also give them the personalised attention that they need.

    A doctor checking vitals for a senior woman


    senOcare offers a way to help you take care of your parents even from miles away. We address not just healthcare needs but also all the myriad day to day problems that cause stress and anxiety to seniors. We provide trusted reliable services that you can count on, and our highly trained and experienced attendants for the elderly work with dedication and compassion. You can ensure that your loved ones are in good hands with senOcare.

    For more details mail us [email protected] or call us on +91-8800700100