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Trusting others to take care of one’s loved ones is never easy. It’s hard to expect your parents to connect with strangers. That’s why at Senocare, we do things differently.


Personal CareManager

Experience your very own CareManager - a trusted friend and partner, a caring and competent manager, and a member of your extended family. Your CareManager will be your one point contact for all senocare services
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Multiple Care Services

Our services include much more than just healthcare. Whether it’s home repairs or travel assistance, technology troubleshooting or legal paperwork, we’ll make sure it gets done promptly and efficiently
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Trusted Partnerships

We work only with trusted and reliable partners, each of whom must comply with our strict standards of service and hold an impeccable track record when it comes to service delivery and customer satisfaction
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Elder care services for seniors in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad.

We know that seniors value their independence, and we are committed to helping them maintain it. By taking over the struggles and challenges of their daily life, we hope to help make their days smooth and hassle free. As parents get older, it becomes harder for them to get around independently. Even the simplest of tasks – giving a blood sample for a lab test, getting a leaking pipe fixed, putting up a painting, getting a passport renewed, replacing an lost Aadhar card, visiting friends and family – all of it turns into a complex, challenging chore which takes up time and energy of both parents and children as they try to figure out how to get things done with minimal trouble.

senOcare offers a way to help you take care of your parents even from miles away. Our approach to elder care management services is different from that of others. senOcare addresses not just healthcare needs but also takes care of all the myriad day to day problems that cause unimaginable stress and anxiety to seniors. We have a wide portfolio of services including Health & Fitness, Security & Home Maintenance, Travel & Tours, Forms & Filing, Technology & Troubleshooting and Memories & Milestones. We offer 24-hour in-home care support for seniors that includes nursing and doctor consultation services. You can ensure that your loved ones are in good hands by availing of our in-home care help for seniors. We provide trusted reliable services that you can count on, and our highly trained and experienced attendants for the elderly work with dedication and compassion. So, if you’re looking for help for your parents living independently, reach out to us for elder care services in multiple cities including Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida.

Holistic care for our elders at the comfort of their residence is something senOcare is proud of. We provide end to end support for our elders daily needs in Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi & Hyderabad. It’s important to understand that every elder is different and so are their needs. Hence, we take full ownership of ensuring they lead a happy, hassle free and healthy life.

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In Delhi NCR

at home doctor visits for elderly


Elder care package with a #TouchOfLove. Personalized care for your mum and dad now available in Delhi NCR. You can opt for customized options.

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Senocare COMFORT

Make life smooth and hassle free with special services delivered to your doorstep through your personal CareManager, who will become an extension of your family

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Senocare team spending quality time with their patient

Senocare INDULGE

Delight in the thrill of exceptional quality services delivered to doorstep with love and indulgence, along with countless special treats all year round

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