Worried about your ageing parents back home…?
Looking for a trusted team who can take care of their day to day needs ?

Look No Further!

senOcare brings CUSTOMISED Care Plan to meet the varying need of our Elders.


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    About senOcare

    We Care like YOU would

    Watching parents grow old is something that every child dreads. You always thought that the staunch, strong parents who stood behind you for most of your life were invincible, who could handle every challenge. Now suddenly, there’s a role reversal and they seem vulnerable, both physically and emotionally. For them to accept emotional or physical support is as hard as its for you to take care of them without hurting their sensitivities, that too from miles away. senOcare team understand the sensibilities of providing care & support to elders.

    Problems are Problems, just till the time they are addressed.

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    Ms. S. Bhagat

    SENOCARE angels have been a blessing for our family. I am one of three siblings and all three of us live abroad outside of India. This was already becoming a challenging issue ie aging parents living alone in India but Covid took it to a whole new level. When my sister and I finally were able to visit our parents in October last year We were beyond devastated to see the toll the isolation had taken on them emotionally and physically! So much had fallen through the cracks and we couldn’t fathom how we would be able to leave them on their own and go back to our homes so far away.

    A. Jain

    I don’t think so I have come across a more genuine helping hand ever in my life. I think wherever and whenever possible if they can extend their services, they would and that too without any challenges. They actually feel your pain and understand your situation and try to be of the best support. And if the family gets the best of the resources for their patients then that really helps the family to fight the medical trauma they are already going through. Special thanks to senOcare and team for being the wonderful woman that she is.

    K. Subramaniam

    senOcare is a very proactive and responsive organisation. The whole aim is to help & assist people in whichever way they can, be it hunting for medicine, lunch suppliers, oxygen cylinders, beds, testing, moral support, you name it. I found all the employees I interacted with, having the same mindset of service to people who are helpless because of their health, to get them better. I will be forever indebted to senOcare and team. Wish they expand to other cities in the southern part of India as well. All the best.

    Some of our popular Services

    • Medical

      Doctor Consultation on Phone/ home visit
      Geriatric Consultation
      Palliative Care
      Post operative home care
      Nurse or Attendant for home care
      Lab test & Medicine delivery
      Maintaining Medical Records
      Emergency Assistance

    • Non-Medical

      Accompanying elders when they travel domestic or International
      Assisted Visits to Hospitals, banks…
      Companion Service
      Escorted Customised holidays
      Home Maintenance & Security
      Assistance with Forms & fillings
      Help with technology problems
      Personalised tutorials for using common apps
      Making them feel special on their Birthdays

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    Frequently Asked Questions ?

    What services does senOcare provide ?

    senOcare provides over 65 services, which are categorised under six categories ,namely Medical, Technology Troubleshooting, Travel Services, Forms & Fillings, Home care, Memories & Milestones.

    Does senOcare provide dedicated Care Manager for a elder ?

    Yes senOcare provides the option of Dedicated Care Manager

    Which cities does senOcare provide services?

    Presently senOcare provides Elder Home care services in Delhi NCR & from June in Hyderabad also.

    Will senOcare assist our parents in case of Emergency ?

    Yes senOcare assists elders in case of any emergency 24x7.

    Does senOcare company have trained doctor & nurses ?

    Yes senOcare has inhouse doctor & trained nurses to give uncompromised service to elders.

    Can senOcare provide companion service to my lonely mother ?

    Yes, senOcare understands elders one of the biggest need is companionship & it provides the same.

    Can senOcare help assist in dropping my parents to my house in Dubai?

    Yes, senOcare provides assistant for elders to be dropped at their kids house within or outside India.

    senOcare Operations

    Presently senOcare provides elder home care services in Delhi, NCR

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