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    Elder care services in Gurgaon

    Elder Care Services

    As our society and lifestyle continuously evolve, our healthcare requirements are undergoing an evolution. From patient care to support and everything in between, the at-home elderly care
    in Gurgaon is constantly evolving and has come a
    long way. Urbanization, aging population, workforce demography, technological advancements, and proliferation of nuclear families have all made affordable elderly care in Gurgaon a reality
    for many.

    In the last few years, elder care services in Gurgaon have changed the healthcare delivery ecosystem by bringing a wide gamut of services to the elderly at their doorstep. Trained and professional caregivers come to your home to provide medical or
    non-medical services or even a combination of both. Such elder care services in Gurgaon have brought peace of mind to many families staying miles apart because of professional commitments.

    At-home elderly care in Gurgaon brings home constant care and monitoring while respecting an elderly’s independence and dignity. It not only leads to improved health and wellness but also decreased hospitalisation. In addition, it is the safest form of care in a Covid-19-stricken world. And most importantly, receiving care in a familiar environment is most preferred by the elderly.


    Elder Care Services

    Keeping with the fast-paced life of the ‘Millennium city of India,’ senOcare brings you the best-in-class personalized services for elder care in Gurgaon for your elderly loved one. Personalized care provides a higher quality of care and improved quality of life. Our professional Care Managers get to know their patients on a relational level to learn how to serve them best.

    While several elder care services in Gurgaon provide excellent health-related services, senOcare addresses every need of the elderly, over and above health. For us, it is more about providing a holistic solution—by combining compassion and care with accountability. Our comprehensive services for elderly care in Gurgaon address the key areas that concern many Indians living abroad whose elderly parents live back home in India. It broadly includes:

    • Short-term or long-term home health care services for an illness, chronic disease, or disability—including nursing care, ICU care, at-home doctor visits, and 24×7 emergency support

    • Physiotherapy at home and rehabilitative services for dementia care, depression, and other psychological disorders

    • Home maintenance, groceries, and assisted visits to banks and shopping

    • Home attendant for elderly in Gurgaon for personal care such as dressing, bathing, grooming, and toilet functions

    • Technology troubleshooting and paperwork assistance

    • Transportation, logistics and escorted travel

    • Companionship and celebration of milestone events

    Elder Care Services

    Whether elder care services in Gurgaon are required round-the-clock or for limited hours, senOcare is there to help you when you need us the most. To do this effectively and efficiently, we have partnered with the best in the industry, be it hospitals, pharmacies, pat-labs, and security. Not only is senOcare dedicated to providing the golden standard of care to your loved ones during their golden years, but we are also committed to providing exceptional training and mentoring to our caregivers who eventually become your extended family.

    What our Happy Customers Say

    S. Bhagat
    S. Bhagat

    SENOCARE angels have been a blessing for our family. I am one of three siblings and all three of us live abroad outside of India. This was already becoming a challenging issue ie aging parents living alone in India but Covid took it to a whole new level. When my sister and I finally were able to visit our parents in October last year We were beyond devastated to see the toll the isolation had taken on them emotionally and physically! So much had fallen through the cracks and we couldn’t fathom how we would be able to leave them on their own and go back to our homes so far away.

    A. Jain
    A. Jain Singapore

    I don’t think so I have come across a more genuine helping hand ever in my life. I think wherever and whenever possible if they can extend their services, they would and that too without any challenges. They actually feel your pain and understand your situation and try to be of the best support. And if the family gets the best of the resources for their patients then that really helps the family to fight the medical trauma they are already going through. Special thanks to senOcare and team for being the wonderful woman that she is.

    K. Subramaniam
    K. Subramaniam Dubai

    SenOcare is a very proactive and responsive organisation. The whole aim is to help & assist people in whichever way they can, be it hunting for medicine, lunch suppliers, oxygen cylinders, beds, testing, moral support, you name it. I found all the employees I interacted with, having the same mindset of service to people who are helpless because of their health, to get them better. I will be forever indebted to senOcare and team. Wish they expand to other cities in the southern part of India as well. All the best.

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    • Q1. Can we trust in leaving aging parents with these support staff?

      We are fully aware of the responsibility we are taking upon us. Thus we ensure in the screening processes that the candidate meets our parameters for you to trust them as an extended family, and leave your aging parents with them.

    • Q2. How do you ensure security of the senior citizen during the time of visit?

      We are fully aware of the responsibility we are taking upon us and adhere to a strict security protocol. All our care managers are issued photo identification (ID) cards with a number, senOcare badges, and uniforms giving them a distinct identity. The name, number, and other details are conveyed to the elderly before the visit.

    • Q3. How much does a senOcare care package cost?

      Different companies have different approaches to helping elders and price their services differently.

      Senocare aims to address an elderly’s pain areas and not sell commodities or services. So, while we have popular packages like “Touch of Love”, “Comfort” & “Indulge”, we encourage families to list out the areas where they need our support and we customize care plans accordingly. A not-so-old couple might need services barely costing 2 to 3* thousand Indian rupees a month, another elderly couple with multiple health complications might engage us for more extensive support thus costing to the tune of 40 to 50 thousand Indian rupees a month. Elders can choose to pay quarterly, six-monthly, or yearly based on their utmost convenience.”

    • Q4. What are the benefits of senOcare elder care services in Gurgaon?

      We are fully aware of the responsibility we are taking upon us and adhere to a strict security protocol. All our care managers are issued photo identification (ID) cards with a number, senOcare badges, and uniforms giving them a distinct identity. The name, number, and other details are conveyed to the elderly before the visit.

    • Q5. Does senOcare have caregivers who can speak other regional languages?

      Yes, we try to ensure that, keeping in mind the diversified Indian family backgrounds. Speaking a common language helps build trust and bonding, both are important in a caregiving journey.

    • Q6. Is there a live person available to speak to at any time of the day?

      Yes. The Care Manger assigned to you is available for you 24×7.

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