Tele consultation for Senior Citizens

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Dr. Shakti Singh

Video and Audio Consultation

Senocare’s tele consultation service is an easy way to consult geriatricians while sitting in the comfort of your home. No more scheduling appointments or missing appointments.

Benefits of tele consultation

Top doctors

Senocare teleconsultation services allow patients to interact with doctors.Based on their request,video or audio based tele-consults will be planned. The prescription is sent to your email and Whatsapp. In case, there’s a need for physical examination, the doctor will refer to someone.

Available 24/7

Senocare tele consulting doctors are available 24/7. So, you can consult doctors as and when you need it.

No commute

Avoid commuting to clinics and save your seniors from inconvenience.


Get premium consultation at an affordable price.

How Teleconsultation Works

  • ☛ Calls us on 8800 700 100
  • ☛ We will book a slot convenient for you.
  • ☛ Call us on the scheduled time and get the consultation

Treatments covered for Live Tele consultations

We cover all ailments for treatment, as well as take emergency cases. Our treatments include

Why Choose Senocare for Tele consultation

Our tele consulting doctors are available 24/7. So, you will always find a doctor to consult for your symptoms. Along with consultation, we offer eldercare services, which makes us a one stop for all things senior care. You can rent medical equipments from us too. From consultation to care services for elders, we offer you everything your need.

Tele consultation for Senior Citizens

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