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An integral part of home care is the nursing care at home. It promotes faster healing and a reduced risk of infection. It is also more economical than in hospital care. Being at home, amongst family helps in boosting the morale of your loved one. Your loved one also benefits from the focused attention and care of such a service.

Services provided by attendant

  • Checking &
    recording vitals
  • Maintaining
    best hygiene
  • Help in bathing,
    changing clothes
  • Assist Bowel &
    Bladder elimination
  • Assist elders in
    moving around
  • Give medication
    as prescribed
  • Light exercise
    & massage
  • Keeping the elder
    engaged & happy
  • Keep family
  • Sense emergency &
    alert all concerned

Sense emergency & alert all concerned

  • Setting up for hospital beds and equipment
  • Critical(ICU) care at home
  • Post Operative care at home
  • Chemo therapy at home
  • Dementia care at home
  • Post Stroke care
  • Elderly care
  • Wound Management, Dressing care
  • IV (Intravenous drugs) administration
  • Vital monitoring at home


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