Critical Care at Home: Senocare India's Comprehensive and Affordable Solution

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The practise of critical care at home has emerged as a game changer in the world of healthcare, allowing patients to receive intensive care in the comfort of their own homes. Senocare India, a leading healthcare provider, has pioneered critical care services, providing expert medical attention and support to patients in need. This article delves into the significance of critical care at home and how Senocare India ensures top-notch services at a fraction of the cost of a hospital stay.

Critical Care at Home:

With developments in medical technology and a trend towards patient-cantered care, critical care at home has become a feasible and successful option. Senocare India recognizes the importance of healing in familiar surroundings and offers ICU at Home services for patients who require intensive care beyond the acute phase of their illness.

The Benefits of Critical Care at Home:

Comfort and Familiarity:

Home is where healing happens best. Patients can recuperate in a familiar setting, surrounded by loved ones, when receiving critical care at home, which can have a favourable influence on the healing process.

Personalized Care:

Senocare India's team of highly trained critical care therapists, experts, and nurses provide personalized care to meet each patient's unique needs, ensuring the highest quality medical attention

Lower Cost:

Critical care at home comes at a significantly lower price compared to a hospital stay, alleviating financial burdens for the patient and their family.

Setting Up ICU at Home:

Senocare India excels in setting up comprehensive ICU facilities at the patient's home. The process includes:

Medical Equipment:

Senocare India provides all essential medical equipment based on the patient's specific needs, such as infusion pumps, BiPAP, DVT pumps, and more, ensuring seamless care delivery.

Bed Sore Management:

The ICU setup at home includes choosing the right type of bed to prevent bed sores and ensure patient comfort.

Critical Care Nurse:

Qualified critical care nurses from Senocare India administer treatments, medications, and monitor patient progress while maintaining constant communication through E-monitoring services.

Critical Care Packages:

Senocare India offers tailored critical care packages to cater to different patient requirements. These packages ensure that health services are of high quality, economical, and simple to implement. The packages include various clinical services, nursing care, and ICU infrastructure as per the patient's condition and stability.

Critical Package for Critical Home Care:

Suitable for patients with GCS of 8 or less, unstable vitals, and dependent ventilation.

Step-Down Package:

Designed for patients with GCS of 10 or more, stable vitals, and restricted mobility.

Supportive Package:

Targeted at patients with GCS of 10 or more, stable vitals, and limited mobility.

Why Choose Senocare India?

Senocare India's commitment to excellence and compassionate care sets it apart from others. Reasons to choose Senocare India for critical care at home include:

Certified ICU Nurses and Doctors:

Senocare India's team consists of highly experienced and certified ICU doctors and nurses to ensure quality care for quick recovery.

Best-in-Class ICU equipments:

A broad variety of high-quality ICU equipment are available for purchase or rental, and are delivered to the patient's house along with device installation services.

Continuous Monitoring:

Trained specialists monitor patient progress and recovery data through state-of-the-art devices, ensuring constant patient support.

Working with Treating Physician:

Senocare India involves the patient's own physician in the care plan design, promoting collaborative and comprehensive care.

Lower Risk of Infection:

Critical care at home reduces the risk of infections compared to hospitals, enhancing patient safety and recovery.


Senocare India's critical care at home services have transformed healthcare delivery by providing expert medical attention and support in the comfort of patients' homes. Senocare India guarantees patients receive the finest care possible without the burden of high hospital expenses by focusing on personalised treatment, cutting-edge medical equipment, and caring experts. If your loved one needs critical care, choosing Senocare India is choosing excellence and peace of mind.


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