Our Story

The senOcare story started as all good stories do… with simple beginnings and good intentions.

As working adults with aging parents, we felt guilty about not being able to do as much as we’d like to, for our parents. Some of us had lived overseas for a considerable period of time, and were frustrated with the sadly inadequate infrastructure and support system for seniors in India. We looked around for someone whom we could rely upon to support our parents when we couldn’t be around, and were surprised and disappointed with the quality of what was available.

The Covid-19 pandemic that raised its ugly head in March 2020, was a painful reminder that there’s only that much that children can do for their parents from far away. The Covid-19 crisis magnified our parents’ vulnerability and the healthcare system’s inadequacy to deal with their needs.

Our friends and extended family from across the globe were constantly calling us, and reaching out to us for support for their parents living alone. Of course, we willingly bent backwards to help out anyone who needed us, arranging for appointments with doctors, helping with bill payments, arranging for groceries to be delivered home and sorting out home maintenance issues. As more and more friends and extended family living overseas shared with us their angst about their parents, we realized that this is a situation that resonates with many.

And that is how the idea of senOcare was born.

What We Do

We know that seniors value their independence, and we are committed to helping them maintain it. By taking over the struggles and challenges of their daily life, we hope to help make their days smooth and hassle free.

Most people assume that senior care is synonymous with healthcare. However, research has shown that 90% of the concerns of seniors are not about healthcare, but in fact about the routine challenges of everyday living. Daily mishaps at home…. leakages in the bathroom, air conditioners that stop working, drivers who quit without notice… all this causes as much stress to our seniors as healthcare does.

As parents get older, it becomes difficult to get around independently. Even the simplest of tasks – arranging for a lab test, getting a leaking pipe fixed, putting up a painting, getting your passport renewed, replacing your lost Aadhar card, visiting friends and family – all of it turns into a complex, challenging chore which takes up time and energy of both parents and children as they try to figure out how to get things done with minimal trouble.

That’s why our approach to senior care is different from that of others. senOcare addresses not just healthcare needs but also takes care of all the myriad day to day problems that cause unimaginable stress and anxiety to seniors.

We have a wide portfolio of services including Health & Fitness, Safety & Homecare, Travel & Tours, Forms & Filing, Technology & Troubleshooting and Memories & Milestones.

For more information, see senOcare Services portfolio

Why We Do What We Do

Watching parents grow old is something that every child dreads. You always thought that the staunch, strong parents who stood behind you for most of your life were invincible. You thought they could do anything. You thought they could solve any problem. Now suddenly, there’s a role reversal and they seem vulnerable, both physically and emotionally. They want to live independently but they struggle with multiple challenges in doing so, hesitatingly looking towards you for support. It’s a role reversal that you hadn’t anticipated and one that you hadn’t emotionally prepared yourself for. You love them unconditionally and you want to do everything possible for them but often, you just can’t.

We understand that career choices and other circumstances often lead to physical distance between you and your parents, different cities and sometimes different countries. We understand you want to be there for them 24×7, we also understand that you can’t.

We understand you. We get it. And we want to help.

That’s what we’re here for. To help.

Our Belief and Vision

We believe that getting older should not mean that our seniors need to sacrifice the control, choice and independence that they had when they were younger.

We believe that with the right support and adequate empowerment, our seniors can live life on their own terms, without needing to overly depend upon anyone.

We believe in caring for those who’ve always cared for us.

Our vision is to create a safe, happy and healthy environment for seniors living independently, wherein they have easy access not just to professional healthcare but also to an entire gamut of services that solve their problems and make their day to day living smooth and hassle free.

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