Comprehensive Home Attendant Services for Elderly and Patients

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Dr. Shakti Singh

At Senocare India, our commitment to holistic care drives our Home Attendant Services, where our dedicated team of highly trained home attendants adheres to rigorous clinical protocols aligned with international standards. We understand the special requirements of the elderly and patients, and our home attendants are trained to give compassionate and personalised care.

Key Elements of Our Home Attendant Services:

Our home attendants are equipped to deliver a wide range of essential care services, assuring our customers' safety and comfort. These services include:

Bathing & Oral Hygiene

Our compassionate attendants ensure proper personal hygiene with bathing and oral care, maintaining the dignity and health of our clients.

Toileting & Urine Bag Care

We provide assistance with toileting and proper management of urine bags, promoting comfort and hygiene.

Walking & Daily Exercises

Encouraging mobility and physical activity is crucial. Our attendants offer support with walking and daily exercises as part of the care regimen.

Oral Feeding:

Nutritional intake is vital. Our attendants assist you with oral feeding, guaranteeing appropriate nutrition for better health.

Timely Oral Medication:

Medication adherence is essential for recovery. Our attendants make certain that customers receive their medication on time, hence supporting health management.

Oxygenation and Nebulization:

For clients requiring respiratory support, our trained attendants handle oxygenation and nebulization procedures with care.

Temperature/BP/Sugar Check:

Regular health monitoring is part of our services, including checking vital signs like temperature, blood pressure, and sugar levels.

Repositioning Bedridden Patients:

For those with limited mobility, our attendants skillfully reposition bedridden patients to prevent discomfort and bedsores.

Wheelchair Support & Fall Prevention:

Safety is a priority. Our attendants assist with wheelchairs and execute fall prevention methods.

Why Choose Senocare India for Home Attendant Services:

Opting for our Home Attendant Services offers numerous advantages that reflect our commitment to your well-being:

Highest Customer Rating: With a customer rating of 4.9/5 based on over 3000+ Google Reviews and the opinions of more than 340 users, Senocare India stands as a trusted leader in delivering superior healthcare standards.

Free Doctor Consultation:

Our service includes one free doctor consultation every week, ensuring comprehensive medical oversight.

Experienced & Certified Staff:

Our attendants undergo continuous training based on international protocols, ensuring their competence in handling patients with diverse needs.

Embracing the Comfort of Home:

Senocare India believes that there is no place like home, especially when it comes to recovery and care. Our Home Attendant Services are intended to provide compassionate and personalised care in the comfort of your own home. We understand the difficulties that come with caring for bedridden loved ones, elders, surgical recovery patients, stroke survivors, and accident victims, and our committed attendants are here to help.

Book Home Attendant Services with Senocare India:

Experience the warmth and expertise of our certified home attendants. They are more than professionals; they are caring caregivers on a mission to help patients recover successfully.

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