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    “My father died last year, leaving my mother alone in India. I started wondering how to take care of my mom, as she was comfortable at her home in India, and didn’t want to move to the US with me. I searched online and found senOcare. I thought of giving it a try and am glad that I did. Not only did senOcare gave emotional support to my mother, but immediately they took care of my mother’s banking and healthcare needs. I will highly recommend senOcare..”

    Mr. S. Mittal, Cupertino, California

    Mr. S. Mittal, Cupertino, California

    “My parents live alone. My worst 2 hours last year were when I landed in Delhi and I realized that they both had COVID. Punita from senOcare and the rest of her team literally took charge. Not just their hospitalization, but also things that I needed to do around their house, whether it was the sanitization or the plumbing or the electricals. And suddenly I felt that… I felt supported. I felt like I had a team of people I could call on and who I could rely on to do things for me. I think if your parents live alone, then you do need a team like that, that cares so much and loves so much. And senOcare is just the right team for me.”

    Mrs. S.Vohra, Mumbai, India

    Mrs. S.Vohra, Mumbai, India

    If it wasn’t for Sarthak and Jessica showing up as my saviour guardian angels in the last 1 month, I don’t think I would have survived the roller coaster of the last 30-35 days.

    In short, I lost my ailing grandmother (non-covid). But while I was going in and out of the ICU for her, both my live-in home staff members turned positive (low oxygen, sugar patient, high cholesterol etc etc),

    I had to overnight evacuate my own home, so that I can remain safe while taking care of these 3 patients. Though due to the tight resources everyone is working with these days, I had to arrange a nurse from outside their system, but once I had the nurse in place – Jessica and the doctor took over 100%.

    From doctor consultations, to arranging for hard to find medicines to be delivered at home, ensuring repeat covid tests are done, and even finding me PPE kits when I needed to get myself organised for the cremation of my grandmother; their genuine support and willingness to help beyond the routine call of duty is amazingly refreshing in today’s world.

    I will forever be indebted to them for taking half my stress away, and ensuring that both the home staff members recovered without hospitalization and any severe damage / medical intervention.

    If it wasn’t for them – I couldn’t have spent the last few days caring for my grandmother the way I did, and for that no matter how much I thank them it will never be enough.
    May God bless the team at Senocare for all the good work they are doing.

    P. Sharma

    Senocare took excellent care of facilitating multiple activities for my parents aged 82 and 75. They were impacted by their sole live in help, cook testing positive for COVID. The senocare team organized
    – Teleconsultation with doctors
    – Medicine delivery to our home
    – Laboratory testing for COVID and other symptoms to be conducted at home
    Jessica was also able to organize food and an attendant which thankfully was not required

    S. Ghosh

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