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Technology & Troubleshooting

Reduce virtual distance with our technology assistance and personalized tutorials

Technology can be daunting and overwhelming for seniors. If your parents are struggling to navigate video calling apps and social media, we’re here to help! Our CareManagers can handhold seniors and teach them to use common apps like Zoom or Facebook. They can also provide troubleshooting services on the phone or in person. By assisting our seniors with virtual calls, social media and common apps, we work to bridge the digital gap between them and their families.

Our specialized technology services for seniors also include personalized tutorials to help them get accustomed to the needs of the digital era. Whether they want to talk to their children and grandchildren overseas; or virtually video chat with old friends and colleagues, our team of skilled and helpful experts will patiently guide them through the process, and end all their woes related to technology.

digital help for the elderly
  • Virtual meeting assistance (Zoom/Google Hangouts)
  • Creating & using social media accounts
  • Installation & usage of popular apps (Zomato/Uber/Netflix)
  • Hardware repair & maintenance
  • Personalised tutorials for using common apps

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