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Home Nursing Services in Noida

Senocare's home nursing services in Noida are an essential part of home care. It encourages quicker recovery and lowers the chance of infection. In addition, it is less expensive than hospitalisation. Being at home with relatives can assist your loved one's morale. Your dear one will also benefit from such a service's focused attention and care.

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What home care services does Senocare
provide in Noida?

Senocare provides an array of home services in Noida which includes

Nursing Care at Home

Senocare hires professionally trained and experienced staff to take care of your loved one, with utmost precision, compassion and awareness. The staff is empathetic, firm and attentive, to ensure overall well being, quick healing and intelligent company.

Attendant Care at Home

Your loved one's requirements aren't just confined to medical issues. Senocare has professionally qualified attendants who will look after their daily needs. The team has been personally screened and is well-versed in caring for your loved one.

At home doctor visit

Amidst the rise of uncertainties in the environment, we aim to bring the comfort of a doctor consultation at home. We have in-house doctors, available 24x7, for your loved ones, at the comfort of your home.

What are the different kinds of home nursing
care services Senocare offers in Noida?

  • Home nurse for ICU
  • Urinary catheterization
  • Post-surgical care
  • Home care in COVID-19
  • Wound care
home nursing services in noida

Why nursing care at home is a good idea

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Nursing care or patient care services in Noida are a wonderful method to give elderly people a sense of security as they recuperate. It also allows family members to concentrate on providing love and care to the elderly by ensuring that other needs are met by our nurses and at home. The nurse who comes to your home in Noida can assist you with

  • Setting up for hospital beds and equipment
  • Critical(ICU) care at home
  • Post Operative care at home
  • Chemo therapy at home
  • Dementia care at home
  • Post Stroke care
  • Elderly care
  • Wound Management, Dressing care
  • IV (Intravenous drugs) administration
  • Vital monitoring at home

Why is Senocare considered the best home care service in Noida

Senocare is the finest in its sector because it focuses on providing high-quality care while also being accountable. We have specially qualified nurses and attendants to look after your loved one's needs. When it comes to our customers' satisfaction, we always go beyond.

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FAQ on Nursing Care Services in Noida

Q1. What are the charges for Home Nursing Services in Noida ?

Charges for home nursing services in Noida May fluctuate as per requirement. They start from Rs 1200/- and can go up, as per the elder’s requirements

Q2. What to expect from an at home Doctor visit ?

Our on call doctor provides personal home visits to the elder’s home, performs routine check up to determine the health conditions of the elder, checks vitals, prescribe medicines if need be. They also advice next steps to take, as per the condition.

Q3. Where can we find a trusted Home Nurse in Noida ?

At Senocare, we personally verify and hire professionally trained nurses and attendants.

Q4. How can I know that the caregivers are trustworthy?

Senocare takes full responsibility of providing utmost care along with accountability of the safety and caregiving capability of the staff provided.

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