Elder Care Package With A #TouchOfLove.

    Introducing Senocare.
    Elder Care Package With A #TouchOfLove.

    Personalized care for your mum and dad now available in Delhi NCR.

    US$40 per month (Rs.2999/-)


    Applicable taxes extra

    Senocare #TouchOfLove

    Changing times have made one and all deeply concerned about the wellbeing of ageing parents.

    Subscribe for our #TouchOfLove service for just US$40 per month (Rs.2999/- applicable taxes extra) Spouse extra at US$20 per month (Rs.1500/-) You can choose for 3 months, 6 months or an annual subscription.

    Services Included

    24/7 Emergency AssistanceMonthly Care Manager Visit Fortnightly Vitals Check-UpMonthly Doctor Consultation
    T&C ApplyRegular updates to the Family Virtual *

    24/7 Emergency Assistance
    T&C Apply
    Monthly Care Manager Visit
    Regular updates to the Family
    Fortnightly Vitals Check-Up
    Monthly Doctor Consultation

    Senocare’s Customized Care Package:

    We realize no two elders have the same pain areas and we would love to help you address your elder’s day to day challenges that go beyond our subscription service. Senocare offers more than 65 services that you can choose from.

    What’s more if there is a unique requirement for your parents that needs to be taken care of, we will try our best to align to your requirements.

    Please fill out the form and click the services required under our 6 verticals (below) or add any unique requirements in the ‘Other Support’ column.

    1. Health & Fitness
    2. Home Security & Maintenance
    3. Travel & Tours
    4. Forms & Filing
    5. Technology & Troubleshooting
    6. Memories & Milestone

    Stop fearing, start caring for your loved ones.

    Customize Service

    Some of the popular inclusions in a customized package are:

    Dedicated Personal Care Manager (CM) On Call
    Based on elder needs and temperaments an efficient and compassionate CM is assigned who meets the elder at the time of on-boarding. Barring any unforeseen situation, the same CM keeps in touch with the elder and aligns any and every service needed by them through a dedicated Assistant Care Manager (ACM).
    Birthday / Anniversary / Festival made special
    Birthdays and Diwali are often days of loneliness. Our CM’s go that extra mile to make them feel happy and special, by visiting and creating fun filled moments with balloons and cake.
    Monthly Check-Ups Of Vitals
    Our trained staff does periodic check-ups of vitals and maintain medical records online.
    Doctor Consultation
    Monthly online consultation with a good GP on our panel to review and advice.
    Assisted Visit To Hospital/Bank
    Visiting hospitals and banks, waiting in queues, filling forms can be very stressful, Senocare ACM ensures your loved ones are spared of these hassles by accompanying them on their visits and taking care of their smallest need.
    Lab Test Assistance
    From sample collection to timely collection of reports and sharing the same with the concerned doctor and family, CM’s make it a seamless task for elders. They make it a point to upload the reports on the system, accessible 24x7.
    Medicine Management
    CM’s take care of periodic top ups of medicines (as per prescription) and manages the pillbox making it convenient for elders to take their medicines.
    Travel Support
    Travel can be strenuous for elders, CM’s ensures looking into the minutest need to make it as comfortable as possible. Timely passport renewals, assistance in obtaining visas, booking tickets with seat-meal preference, wheelchair request, escorted check-ins, are a few of the many things that are taken care of.
    Fortnightly Updates Sent To Next Of Kin/Guardian (NOK)
    We send periodic updates about health, mood and other highlights.
    Emergency Support
    In case of an emergency a 24x7 accessible number is provided that will connect the caller to their CM who will take the responsibility to rush support as the situation demands. This includes booking the nearest ambulance, rushing the field manager to the location, informing NOK, making medical files available to doctors without delays the agreed protocol is set in motion.
    Technology Support
    Technology can be daunting. Senocare CM’s handhold elders and teach them to use common apps like Zoom or Facebook. We also provide troubleshooting services on the phone or in person. By assisting elders with virtual calls, social media and common apps, Our CM’s help bridge the digital divide between the elders and their family.
    Medical Passport
    We help elders in tracking and accessing health records without having to maintain and carry several files and documents. Through a simple QR code we give access to medical and test history, such as on-going medication (salt info), vaccination certificates, blood group, allergy, contact details of NOK/doctor/CM, insurance copies and a lot more.
    Wallet Service
    For the convenience of our elders and their family, we have a wallet service for any financial transactions that maybe required for the services opted in by the family for their elders.

    About Senocare

    Personalised Elder Care Services For Seniors In India

    As parents get older, it becomes harder for them to get around independently. Even the simplest of tasks – giving a blood sample for a lab test, getting a leaking pipe fixed, putting up a painting, getting a passport renewed, replacing a lost Aadhar card, visiting friends and family – all of it turns into a complex, challenging chore which takes up time and energy of both parents and children as they try to figure out how to get things done with minimal trouble. This problem gets further exacerbated when children live abroad! In India, old age homes are not well received. Elders have emotional connect to their homes and don’t want to be taken away.

    Senocare makes an earnest effort to help elders feel empowered and secure even when their kids are miles away. It’s our endeavour not only to bring comfort to the lives of ageing parents but also their loved ones who have sleepless nights not being able to be with them at all times.

    Senocare Services

    Senocare endeavors to help every elder with their varied problems, we provide 65 Plus services. These include Health & Fitness, Home Security & Maintenance, Travel & Tours, Forms & Filing, Technology & Troubleshooting, Memories & Milestones. It’s not just a wide spectrum of services we offer but the accountability and compassion with which we serve that is most appreciated by the elders.

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